Time for a long overdue update

Well firstly i’m going to start with an apology as my website has been down for some time whilst i focused on moving on with my life. I have to be completely honest and admit that i completely lost the motivation to share updates about my health and progress. However, a recent invite to a …


Life with acromegaly

Quite simply it has its ups and its downs but doesn’t life in general? It’s been quite a while since i last posted an update to my blog and its been playing on my mind so apologies for the silence. Living with acromegaly or saying that with any chronic health condition clearly has its implications …


The Christie Blog

This last week a piece I wrote about my patient experience at The Christie made it onto their website Really appreciate the opportunity to make my feelings known and all on the same day that George (grassy head) grew some hair! Acevous. Click the link to have a read

Running harder, faster, longer

It’s three weeks until my 2014 Charity activity for The Christie kicks off with my first ever Marathon, The Manchester Marathon. Happy to report that training is going well and i am now running harder, faster, longer. I am running around 40-45 miles a week and doing one long run a week. Last week i …


Looking for pounds not pity

Apologies for the dramatic title of this post but it was clearly an attention grabber Well we all have our little hurdles and challenges in life and i know people right now going through considerable challenges with their little boy’s health but anyway life is all about dealing with things that come your way and …