Much more than a buttie bag

Ok so its been a week or more since my last post so here’s an update. Last week i stopped taking Cabergoline and started on daily injections of Octreotide. For the first week it was 25ml just twice a day but now ive stepped up a gear and i’m having three 25ml injections a day. …


That OTHER symptom

Ok so the antibiotics cleared up my sinus issues but still feeling odd i thought it time to go back to my GP Dr C. Now it may sound odd but i had lived with this nipple discharge for 14 yrs but it never bothered me and i just never linked it with anything else …


Thanks to Trystan

So i have read blogs but really havent ever thought of writing one myself. Well that is until i was diagnosed with Pituitary Gland Macroadenoma and came across a cracking on-line diary written by Trystan. Please do take a look at his diary and give him the credit for getting me going :)

THANKS TRYSTAN! In the first 24 hours of being diagnosed with the tumour and symptoms of Acromegaly (yes there i said it yes i have those symptoms too) it proved a massive help and cheered me up!