The Christie Blog

This last week a piece I wrote about my patient experience at The Christie made it onto their website Really appreciate the opportunity to make my feelings known and all on the same day that George (grassy head) grew some hair! Acevous. Click the link to have a read

Looking for pounds not pity

Apologies for the dramatic title of this post but it was clearly an attention grabber Well we all have our little hurdles and challenges in life and i know people right now going through considerable challenges with their little boy’s health but anyway life is all about dealing with things that come your way and …


24 Hours A&E

Fantastic television coverage of a patient diagnosed with a pituitary tumour. Watch the epidose and listen to Sarah’s story. Series 3 episode 13 Please note that i had most of my pituitary tumour removed in November 2012. Then in the last 4 months whatever residual tumour remained became active and caused a secondary condition Acromegaly …


Management of Pituitary Tumors

Recently, i have been contacted by a few sufferers of pituitary tumours looking for further information on these tumours, related conditions and the treatment involved. In doing my own research, I came across a cracking book on Amazon, Management of Pituitary Tumours by Powell MP, Lightman SL and Laws ER  Humana Press 2003 that i purchased and have read …