Running the Rome Marathon to send orangutans #backintothewild

In the last week an important scientific publication has detailed why primates matter (which you can read via the link) and they state that all primates are facing extinction at the hands of humans. You can download the pdf of #whyprimatesmatter via this link. It is worth a read…..after all they are our closest living relative.


So in line with my previous efforts i am going to try my hardest to run the Rome Marathon in April 2017 to raise money for the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) and specifically their orangutan reintroduction efforts at Jantho in Sumatra.


This great ape is about to be wiped off the face of the planet but SOCP are doing what they can to treat and care for orangutans that have been orphaned, injured or rescued from the pet trade. With critical care they can be released back into the wild at the Jantho site in Sumatra. Once reintroduction has taken place it is hoped that they will breed and then utilise wildlife corridors to rebuild wider orangutan populations. This may prevent their extinction.


Please click through to my charity page and consider making a donation to help send orangutans #backintothewild

Thank you, Richard