No passport needed for a condylar shave, acromegaly

So as you have probably read in previous posts ever since i was diagnosed with a pituitary gland tumour and acromegaly i have been on a journey. A journey of coming to terms with the diagnoses, a journey of enlightenment, a journey of new experiences and all the while a journey of treatment.

In terms of my NHS treatment, i am truly appreciative for my care at every level. Today i never had to show my passport but given the news reports about the funding problems the NHS faces i actually think i would be ok in showing my passport.

Anyway, in terms of the acromegaly one of the side effects has been changes over a number of years to the alignment of my teeth and one side of my jaw growing. The  consultants call it an asymmetric cross bite. For near four years now i have had braces and have been waiting on a bilateral osteotomy to my jaw but a curve ball came my way a few months back when it was discovered there was still bone growth on one side of my jaw around the joint.

OMG…. yes this is exactly what i said and wondered why it had taken a few years to pick up on this but we are where we are Dicky :)

Anyway, today i went for my pre-op for the condylar shave operation which went really well. In this op Mr C will remove 5mm around the outside of the joint to kill the bone growth….we hope! So the pre-op consisted of bloods, urine sample, an ECG, some swabs and loads of questions. This is all pretty much standard for undergoing a general anaesthetic but a strange thing happened when leaving hospital………i felt like i had gone back in time to where this all started and a dark cloud descended on me.

Yes i suddenly felt my mindset change and i don’t know how it happened. Felt a bit weird, uneasy, worried of the what if’s and so what did i do? Well firstly i reminded myself that i have been exceptionally lucky throughout all of this and then took myself off to GoOutdoors to find a new running vest! Retail therapy really does work i’m sold :) This time out just gave me time for my subconscious to process things. It works!

Now i am not condoning frivolous purchases but if you do get a diagnosis or face a pre-op or surgery then why not treat yourself before or after. Maybe just a walk in the park, a chat with an old friend or just some time away to process things. Why? Well why not? Make time for yourself….that’s just my advice.

I’ll post again when my surgery happens on the 12th December 2016. Thanks for reading #lovetheNHS #appreciate