It’s been so long since i last posted and i actually don’t know where to start…

Well 2014 ended reasonably well. I finished my years running (only missed a race or two through injury), successfully boxed off my first year at Uni with an equivalent first and also managed to keep my health nicely under control with the the help of The Christie.

Ok on the last point things are fab! My recent MRI shows that my residual pituitary gland tumour remains unchanged in terms of location and potential mass, my IGF1 levels are down under 300 albeit recent had some elevations (which could be in part due to my exercising or new assay ranges) and lastly my braces are doing well and teeth alignment seems to be progressing well in readiness for maxillo facial surgery this next year.

So 2015 has started…… i’m very nearly back at Uni and i’ve signed up for a load of new runs for the year to raise money for Cancer Research UK in memory of my late cousin Jennifer Smith was Barbour.

Here’s a list of my runs and a link to my fundraising page for Cancer Research UK ;)

Thanks for reading. Take care.