Looking forward to Great North Run

Well it’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted and thought it was time for a cheeky post.

What’s been happening? My last run challenge for The Christie was a month or two ago. Sadly I picked up a groin injury a few weeks ago whilst training for the North Wales Half Marathon and had to pull out graciously albeit my sister ran and did a super job.

Flipping groin injury is still an issue but I’ve been cycling to keep up my fitness and off to marbs in a week for two weeks and I’ll be ramping up my training for Septembers Great North Run.

How have I been feeling in terms of my residual pituitary tumour and acromegaly?

Absolutely fine :) Really good and apart from three little dizzy spells this last two weeks which could be a bug it’s clear that The Christie have a tight hold on things.

In terms of my ongoing dental work to correct my cross bite, my teeth alignment is really coming along now and in three weeks I’ve got a brace going on my upper teeth ready for Uni :0