Treatment from various angles quite literally

So where am i up to with my pituitary gland tumour and acromegaly?

Ok so i have have monthly treatment at The Christie which involves a rather fabulous (not) deep intramuscular injection. Sadly it seems my IGF1 level isn’t yet chemically under control to be in remission but that also isn’t to say its on the way up and my residual pituitary gland tumour is growing.

Had the call from hospital this last week to say from the end of this month i’m going up to 30mg a month dose of Sandostatin LAR to see where that takes me. It’s funny i felt that that was going to happen as the two weeks before my injection i notice slight sensations or fuzziness in my head and more than normal :) I am joking about the latter i’m almost normal!

What about the whole thing with your teeth and jaw? Well yes my pituitary tumour caused the release of a cheeky hormone that caused some growth in my jaw (prognathism) which knocked out my jaw alignment and tooth position. I started a long procedure in January to correct which will involve braces then surgery (bilateral osteotomy).

IMG_4445Today i had the bottom brace fitted and i’ll have the top brace fitted in July after the pallet expander is removed i think. Sore but there you go.

On leaving the orthodontist today (and hospital) i looked in a mirror felt sad that these things had happened to me then i remembered i’m actually lucky that things aren’t more serious, i’m running, i’m at university, i get amazing care from the NHS and i have nothing to be sad about!¬†Some people have asthma, some people have IBS and hosts of other things so if you have found this blog as we have something in common or you are just a nosey parker then my advice is look for the positives in life and look hard. You will always find more negatives when you are feeling emotional so focus on finding goodness and accept that things sometimes just don’t go our way. It’s not how many times you get knocked down its how many times you get back up! I always get up but i do have my moments.

I’m most definitely “up” and in the next two weeks i am running the BUPA Great Manchester Run and The Liverpool Marathon for The Christie……please consider making a donation for the amazing work they do. Thanks