Acromegaly: Views from the Clinical Community Video

Well i try to avoid posting things about drug companies but on this occasion i make an exception!

Novartis are a global drugs company that produce many important drugs to combat a whole range of diseases. >Other drug companies do exist<

My focus today is the important work that Novartis do for the Acromegaly community where I am affected. They produce the drug Sandostatin LAR which is doing me a whole world of good and carrying on the groundwork that early-ish diagnosis, specialist referral and neurosurgery started over a year or so ago.

Anyway, Novartis has published an interesting video about acromegaly that shows clinicians perspective of global acromegaly treatment around the World. 

It may not be of interest to some patients or caregivers but for me watching the video gave me a positive feeling that i’m not alone, that great work is being done and also helps me to better appreciate the healthcare system, the NHS, that we have in the United Kingdom.

One observation that i would make about this video and others that i have seen is that many healthcare professionals mention early diagnosis and specifically by Doctors but none that i have seen actually mention the importance of Dentists! Yes i said Dentists! If Dentists around the world where made more aware during their training or re-training about acromegaly and facial changes then perhaps more people would be diagnosed earlier and treatment could have better outcomes. Potential saving here for everyone! Grab us suckers earlier :)

Back to the subject….the video is published on the general Novartis website for Acromegaly patients. To go straight to the actual video click this link and watch within the page on the above. 

NB: Please note that there are various other drug companies out there doing great work to treat Acromegaly and this is in no way intended to be an endorsement.