Short stay in RAEI

Have you ever heard of someone being admitted to hospital with an ear infection? No, me neither.

Well that was until this weekend! I developed a severe ear infection which steadily got worse needing micro-suction of the ear canal followed by the placing of a wick in my ear canal which is immediately in front of the ear drum.

Oh this all started at the out of hours GP service and over a few days progressed to the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary.

The care on the SAU ward and Langtree Ward has been really good and its been nice to see so many young nursing staff making a real difference with older patients needing additional and specialised care.

Anyway, the good news is that my badly behaved body is now responding to the antibiotics albeit I am due to stay in hospital for another day.

Think the issue is that the swelling in my face, jaw and ear had caused some mild palsy where the corner of my lip has drooped and my fabulous registrar Mrs B wants a ct scan to check everything.

Not the end of the world and I am still running the Wigan 10k this coming Sunday :)

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  1. Quick review of the care i received submitted to

    I recently attended out of hours GP service at Bridgwater Community Health Centre in Wigan. After a few days on antibiotics they referred me to RAEI A&E. I attended Sunday morning at 7. 30am and I was lucky to only wait a few hours. I was seen by the Senior Sister in minors who then brought in the ENT Junior Doctor in. This junior doctor was fantastic and bleeped the Senior ENT Consultant. I underwent microsuction on my ear canal and they then placed a wick in my ear and I was discharged. Two days later the pain was unbearable so called the SAU unit again who advised that I should come back in to A&E and that I could bypass the wait by seeing the Senior Sister again. It was Monday and minors was really busy but the sister was really great and did her very best to get the ENT junior doctor to come and see me. With an hour I was on the SAU/Orrell ward, had a repeat procedure and given the nature of the infection I was admitted to the Langtree Ward for 3 1/2 days. The care and treatment that I received throughout was fantastic and albeit certain departments were clearly under pressure the staff on duty did their absolute best for me. I was truly humbled by some of the things that I witnessed. Despite all the pressures of running these busy departments the staff I came into contact with are a credit to the NHS and Wigan. I will be writing to the Patient Relations Department.