Discharged on Thursday ran Wigan 10k on Sunday

So this last week, I spent a few days in Royal Albert Edward Infirmary and was discharged Thursday afternoon.

I had planned to run the Wigan 10k today and I did just that. I ran it in just over an hour!

Well done to the organisers, all the runners and donations as it was a massive success. Hopefully loads dosh has been raised for Joining Jack charity.

This time next week (Sunday), I am doing the Great North Run for The Pituitary Foundation with my sister. Quite simply it is going to be tough! You can sponsor me via this link

I had hoped to be much fitter when I signed up to these races in January this year but my residual pituitary tumour and acromegaly had other plans. Ok so I’ve had a few set backs but this won’t beat me and I’m cracking on with things.

What’s more, I start Salford University a week on Monday as a mature student studying a degree in Wildlife and Practical Conservation :) All good.


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Here’s my finishing sprint ;) It should start playing at 00:29:57 and i’ll be along at 00:30:00