My Pituitary Gland tumour and acromegaly has brought about a positive change

Yes it’s true! Read on to find out more….

Since being diagnosed with a pituitary gland tumour and acromegaly just over twelve months ago, i have been on a very strange journey and have had to come to terms with what are life changing and long term conditions.

I have to be honest and say it’s been one hell of a bumpy ride with a considerable impact not just on my daily life but also changing my outlook on life, work and relationships. Honestly, it rocked me to the core and caused me to question who i was. Previously i’d been a happy go lucky, career focused, no nonsense, confident and strong person but all that went to the wall!

In reflection and from a much happier place :) this last twelve months has really only added a further dimension to my life. Without doubt, i have learned more about myself and i am extremely grateful for the support that i have had from those around me.

Now you could quite easily read my blog and think hang on the guy doesn’t have cancer, he isn’t terminally ill so why the drama. What’s my answer? For me from being told i had a tumour under the brain, treatment, surgery and more treatment the biggest issue was quite simply the fear of the unknown. Not knowing what was happening and what news was around the corner caused the most anxiety. So don’t misunderstand me, i absolutely know that i am extremely lucky to be where i am and furthermore i am truly thankful to my girlfriend Amy, my family, my GP and his team, Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation, Christies Endocrine Unit and Mr G’s team from Salford Royal.

Now what about that positive change?

Well during this last twelve months i have had lots of time to think about my future and the direction that my life was taking. To maintain my positive outlook, i have been spending more and more time watching local wildlife and thinking about conservation. Then given the experiences in my new job, i started to question whether i really wanted to spend the rest of my career managing facilities. Ultimately, work and all the goings on at work became too much so i left my job. Oh and trust me i couldn’t afford to!

Then the penny dropped, i needed a change of career and the only way i was going to do this effectively was to go back to school! Well university in fact. So i’ve done my sums, made my application and in a matter of weeks i will be starting a BSc Hons in Wildlife and Practical Conservation at Salford University. Where from there? Well i want to combine my commercial experience with the degree and i’m hoping that i’ll end up working at/managing a nature reserve or a conservation project. So it’s time to knuckle down!

So what am i trying to get across here?

Quite simply, if you are diagnosed with a chronic condition then try not let it take over your life nor define who you are. If you can, see it as a new chapter or dimension to your life. Clearly your physical body defines what you can and can’t do but your mind, spirit and soul have a direct impact on the overall outcome. We all have good days and bad days but no matter what you are actually in charge of the outcome. Honestly you really are. Life is too short to let things get on top of you and let things beat you down. Take courage from some of the people out there that overcome some horrendous things. I have and am reminded of this every time i go to The Christie! That’s my therapy.

Finally a bit of news on where i am up to……..Yesterday i saw my most recent MRI results and my residual pituitary gland tumour is quite small and hasn’t grown since the post operative MRI :) :) :) Great news there albeit the tumour is still active and making the acromegaly active. I am currently drug free and start monthly injections of Sandostatin lar first week of October.

All is good!

Thanks for reading.