More pituitary awareness for Mancunians

Wowzers, I have been truly humbled by the nice comments from my family in a recent interview with Mancunian Matters website. Read the article lower down the page and click the link.

Admittedly, I am not too keen on the article title as it’s far too dramatic.

In actual fact my benign tumour is under the brain on the pituitary gland in a region called the Sella turcica. It is yet to be confirmed how small it is and it’s actually residual tumour left behind after surgery last year and which became active the swine. I’m due for another MRI in a week or two.

Anyway the below article raises some all important awareness and i’m thankful to Zara de Belder for picking up on my story and getting in touch.

My interview is listed on their homepage too :)

DickyMoo interview (Manchester’s Unsung Heroes: Wigan man battling brain tumour takes on gruelling 10k charity run)