Yes i am running again but i need your help

In December 2012 it appeared that my pituitary gland tumour had been successfully removed but a month or two after some residual tumour on the pituitary gland became active once more and also caused my Acromegaly to become active too.

Hence my running stopped and i had to take some time off work to start some treatment and get myself into a better place. Well thanks to the NHS and my pals at The Christie i have been feeling much better. So much so i started running again and i’m back at work!

Well i said i would run the Wigan 10k and the Great North Run so i intend to do just that.

Will you sponsor me to run the Great North Run? Please do and click the link….it will make you feel happy! Honest.

I’m behind on donations as i was going to pull out but i’m better than that.

Joking aside thanks for reading. Here’s one of my fabulous buttercup’s for your trouble (click the picture to get full resolution) ;)


 Ok you can have my Kingfisher too

Kingfisher in wigan