Management of Pituitary Tumors

Recently, i have been contacted by a few sufferers of pituitary tumours looking for further information on these tumours, related conditions and the treatment involved.

In doing my own research, I came across a cracking book on Amazon, Management of Pituitary Tumours by Powell MP, Lightman SL and Laws ER  Humana Press 2003 that i purchased and have read it front to back.

Albeit it is probably aimed at the clinical profession i found it really interesting. Reading it has absolutely helped in my understanding of my tumour and acromegaly. I can’t recommend this book enough!

Amazingly one of the Authors, Professor Stafford Lightman, was the founding Chairman of the Pituitary Foundation, a patient-run national UK charity that aims to raise public awareness of pituitary disorders and provide information and support for patients and their families.

Following on, one of the pituitary foundation patients/trustee Patsy Perrin contributed to the book by writing Chapter 16 “A patient’s perspective on pituitary tumours.”

This last chapter was a fabulous end to the book and i have written to the authors for permission to include content on this blog.

Failing that I would definitely recommend buying this book if you are looking to understand pituitary tumours, treatment and all related conditions.

My very own Prof T is also mentioned in the book too :)