Small operation up the trap door

Apologies in advance, this is a graphic update about yesterday’s visit to The Christie and a procedure up the bum.

When I started this blog last year, I said that I’d update readers with everything following my diagnosis with a pituitary gland tumour and a chronic condition called Acromegaly.

So here’s another episode :)

When I was first diagnosed with Acromegaly, I was told about the possible complications that come with the condition that includes changes to your body and many other things. A key risk is the formation of polyps in the bowel and them turning nasty.

I was told that I would need to have routine colonoscopies to check for polyps and then if they are found to have them removed. With acromegaly you are at an increased risk of the polyps turning cancerous!

So I had a colonoscopy last year and Mr F found some polyps and removed them. I was told that there were one or two that they couldn’t remove but that they would schedule day surgery following my pituitary surgery to have another look around and remove any remaining polyps.

So I went into the Christie yesterday, had an enema and under general anaesthetic had the operation with Mr F. When I came round I was told that the surgeon had removed some skin tags from down there, took a biopsy from a mass (hemorrhoid?)  in my anus/rectum and also to my surprise they banded some hemorrhoids.

I’ve never been told that I had these hemorrhoids but all the same I am glad that Mr F took action. Surely they should have seen these hemorrhoids last year and told me? Perhaps they have only come after pituitary surgery?

After coming around I had an intense ache in my bum, the sensation that I constantly wanted to move my bowels and also pass water but there was nothing there. This developed into pain and driving back to Wigan with Amy and mum the bumps in the road crucified me! I had the extra strength painkillers which sent me to sleep for two hours then shortly after I went to bed. Two hours later I was woken by the above and it seems to have got worse. It’s now kept me awake until the wee hours.

It feels as though I cant control what’s going on down there but reading the booklet I was given this should pass. Without the pain relief the discomfort doesn’t go away and it drives you around the twist.

Luckily I am off work until Sunday but all the same I hope that this discomfort passes.

If you ever develop hemorrhoids be prepared for the above symptoms and have some pain relief at the ready!

Lastly, wanted to thank my two ladies (Amy and mum) for their support today and patience with my mood. As ever the NHS staff were fabulous too…….Sister T stood out.

Oh and apologies for any poor grammar or spelling above. I’m dosed up and a bit woozy :)


  1. Well glad to say that from about lunch time today the discomfort and pain started to subside. It’s bearable and i have stopped taking the pain killers. Great news as i’m back in work for a 13.5 hour shift on sunday at DW. Bring it on.