Running The Great North Run for The Pituitary Foundation

As I’ve been feeling much better and getting back into my running again, i thought it was time to set myself some challenges.

You know, some achievable ( i hope) targets to keep me focused and provide the all important motivation to keep exercising.

Well I’ve already signed up to run the Wigan 10k on 8th September 2013 to raise funds for a local charity Joining Jack but that isn’t enough……..

I was thinking about doing something to raise awareness for the two other organisations that have helped me since my diagnosis of a pituitary gland tumour and the chronic condition Acromegaly.

These two organisations are The Pituitary Foundation and The Christie NHS Foundation.

php8LibQTIn the first few weeks sine my diagnosis The Pituitary Foundation was the only real credible place that i could go to find out information about my condition. The information that they provided was not only a massive help but it also opened up a world of support and contacts.

At the time, i was worried sick about what was happening to me and didn’t really know where to turn. My initial endocrinologist gave me one of the foundations free booklets which you can find by clicking this link. Those initial booklets focused my thoughts on actually understanding what had been happening to me and what to expect in the future.

This enlightenment proved to be a massive distraction and prevented me from spending too much time worrying about the situation.

Yes i joined the foundation as a paying member but all the information is actually out there free of charge to help those affected by pituitary conditions. It’s only fair that i now do something to raise awareness for them and some all important funding.

Similar to writing this blog its my little way of saying thank you and trying to help others.

So i am running The Great North Run for The Pituitary Foundation on Sunday 15 September 2013 along with pals from the foundation and my sister, Rachael.

If you would like to add your support for this cause and donate a few pounds to The Pituitary Foundation please head over to my donation page. I really do appreciate anything you can give!

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Not forgetting The Christie for the unbelievable support and help that they and their staff have provided me with, i will be doing something else to support them and more details will be available soon.

Thanks as ever for reading.

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