All set for my first full set of check up’s

It’s been over three months since my operation and I’m getting set for my first full set of check ups at The Christie. It’s less than two weeks away and I’m feeling really positive!

So what else has been happening? Well I’ve had my referral through to go and see Dr B who is a leading consultant over at The University Dental Hospital in Manchester! Yes Prof  T worked his magic and found me the best guy to look at my wonky bite (prognathism) which has been caused by the pituitary tumour and acromegaly! That’s the end of next week and I have to say I’m really happy to have an appointment so soon. The only potential hurdle is if my IGF1 levels haven’t come down enough post surgery. Positive thoughts though. All being well he says yes to surgery down the line and my levels come down to make it all possible.

What else? Oh another complication of acromegaly is the risk of polyps  going funny. They found a few during my last colonoscopy so I’m going in to have them removed and a good look around under general anesthetic middle March. Too much info or what?

Well that’s where I’m up to and new job is going great too!


  1. This is great news Richard! Hope your check up goes well. It’s great you keep us updated. Do you think you’ll have an MRI? I’m attending dental hospital at Newcastle for my bite, they’ve fitted me with a splint to use to help with the jaw pain. Fingers crossed all goes well for both appointments Richard. So pleased your jobs going well too. Take good care Val x

    • Thanks Val great to hear from you. Hope you are ok. Its funny how a new challenge and environment fosters renewed new focus. Priorities change overnight and albeit the underlying condition remains its literally the last thing on my mind. Nothing but praise for the NHS thus far :)

  2. Had a great appointment at University Dental Hospital on Friday. Really positive experience and the Surgeon agreed that the tumour/acro has caused Asymmetric Mandibular Prognathism (amongst other things) so yes i have a wonky bite but its going to get sorted in time. He is referring me to two other dental surgeons who specialize in cases such as mine. It’s really quite rare. Apparently, its even more specialist as any action will involve braces for a while and a few operations down the line. No rush then,

    Back at The Christie tomorrow and kind of frustrated that my time with the Professor maybe wasted as it will take a few days to get blood test results back and i wanna know now what the levels are like. Yes i can bring him up to date on the last few months improvements but the devils in the numbers.

    No worries though as feeling positive and also looking forward going back to see my surgeon Mr G at Salford Royal later in the week on thursday. Could be wrong but when he sees that i’m much better, have lost some weight and my grey hairs have reduced (miraculous that :) he’ll prob discharge me. Yes that is what he’ll do i’m sure of it. No matter what the blood tests come back from Christies Mr G will have done his bit for now.

  3. Was back at Christies this week but they couldn’t tell me anything. It was really just a catch up and they have booked me in for two days of the tests (short synacthen test, OGTT, bloods) within the next 10 days. Bit peed off as this could have all be arranged to have happened this week. GGGGGrrrrrrhhhhh. Saying that they moved quickly to arrange tests and Sister L was fab as was Prof and the new registrar. Back at Salford Royal today for a post operative follow up with the surgeon Mr G who performed the Endoscopic Transsphenoidal Surgery in November last year. If nothing else i’m looking forward to seeing him again. He is the most unassuming braniac that i have ever met! I’ve been so lucky with the NHS professionals that i’ve seen so far. No not luck somone somewhere is doing a great job. No doubt he will discharge me as the surgery was a success in removing as much of my pituitary tumour as he could. Over and out :)