Just about ready to put this behind me…

It’s been nearly two weeks since i last posted an update :(

I had some blood tests at The Christie that showed elevated IGF1 and GH which led the Professor to summarise that it was either a timing issue as it was only 4 wks since surgery or that there was perhaps a small piece of tumour remaining. This could either be around the carotid artery or even within the cavernous sinus bone. Think that’s what he said :)

So I went back to see Prof this week and had a further set of blood tests which I am waiting to hear about. Prof spent at least 25mins with me and took the time to show me my post operative MRI and all blood tests this far. All other than IGF1, GH and Testosterone were normal.

The MRI was really interesting as where there was once a tumour on the pituitary gland there was now what looked like a large grey mass that pushed forward I think towards the sphenoid sinus. Apparently this was quite normal and was swelling, fluid or whatever Mr G had left to fill the space. No jokes please!

Prof went on to say that albeit Mr G had clearly done a fabulous job removing the tumour so close to a main artery that it was highly probable that there is some tumour remaining and that it may be functioning.

He said that it’s still too early to really be sure and that MRI’s would struggle picking anything up just yet. With that in mind he wants to wait 8-10 weeks to see where the levels go and let me truly recover without any medication. This all sounds pretty sensible to me!

We went through my headaches and tiredness in the evenings which he said was all perfectly normal. I asked him whether I would get back to feeling feisty as i used to feel before all this kicked off. He thinks so but said that I should really take it easy on myself, I’ve been on a journey and coming to terms with what is a chronic (long-term) illness can take its toll. Personally, I’ve done difficult things in the past and this is no different. Broad shoulders etc.

On a lasting note he also agreed to find the appropriate dental surgeon to refer me to look at my under/cross bite saying that its better to get that rolling now albeit I wouldn’t be able to have that fixed until the possible remnants and acromegaly were under control.

The headlines………take some more time to heal, see where the levels go then if something is still going on start treatment via a somatotropin analogue in the new year.  If that doesn’t work then it’s radiation treatment but this could be 6m, 1year, 2 yr down the road. He did say that biochemically, at this stage I am at the lower of the seriousness scale in relation to the Acromegaly and that it can all be controlled chemically. Good news :)

We exchanged pleasantries, agreed that I’d have a fabulous Christmas and we would catch up in the new year!

So for Christmas what do I want? No need to answer……

You have a fabulous Christmas and look after-yourself!  Dicky :)



  1. That’s great news Richard. You take it really easy and have a great Christmas. Professor seems to be in control
    Of everything. I like the way he’s looking ahead for you (no pun intended) and thinking about where you go from now, especially dental stuff. I’m nearly 3 yrs post surgery and having to find all my own medical people to help with my ongoing probs. I’ve just attended dental hospital for overbite, I found the Professor myself that I’ve just seen. It’s amazing the difference between endocrinologists and what they offer their patients. Yours seems so helpfull. Good luck Richard. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Xx

    • Thanks for your message Val and sorry to hear about your troubles. Next time I’m having a “moment” I’m going to remember what you said! Yes I have had some amazing luck both with treatment and outcomes. Long may it continue :) I have also had the same positive experience with my GP too. He called me yesterday for a catch up and to check it was ok release my records for another study. With a bit more luck this time next year ill be giving lectures at Kings College ;) on a huge fat cat salary and still having amazing dreams :)