Christmas morning

So what’s been happening and how are things?

Well to be honest since being told that i had to wait until mid-late feb for the next round of tests i have been sort of struggling with all the “what if”s” and “what do i do now” questions that have been buzzing around my head.

In terms of symptoms the headaches have gone but I have started getting those fuzzy head sensations and tiredness in the evening. Get the occasional dull ache above my left eye too. Saying that not sure how much of this has to do with the fact that i’m about to start doing some part time work.

All in all i do feel better in myself and other than wearing a blue plaster on my head you probably wouldn’t know that i had neurosurgery seven weeks ago :)

So the message is i’m not letting any residual pituitary tumour (if there is any) nor acromegaly get the better of me nor will it stop me being who i am.

On a last note, it’s twelve months since we lost our old horse “Aramis” after 35+ years of fun and cuddles. Hence the pickie :)

Happy Christmas to you all.