Two days post operation


So it’s been 48 hours since my operation and so far everything has gone really well.

My recovery was much better than anticipated and my only issues are lack of sleep and headaches. All things considered pretty amazing to think about the procedure!

So far no evidence of csf leaks albeit have had some clear runny fluid from my nose. Dr B (one of the cracking surgeons) just came around and he isn’t worried about the fluid. He says they rinsed the cavernous sinuous out during surgery so it’s probably just remnants of that fluid.

Today I’m on a growth hormone day curve test which will see blood taken every two to three hours. Apparently it’s necessary to check that the acromegaly has come under control with the removal of the tumour. They are looking for reduced igf1 ;)

Dr B also commented that my prolactin level was already reduced the morning before surgery which we are putting down to the post diagnosis treatment with cabergoline and octreoride.

It’s confusing me though as the tumour was only secreting prolactin but it was also causing the anterior pituitary gland to produce excess growth hormone. Think I may have confused myself somewhere!

So plan is to get these test results back late Thursday then see surgeons and see if it will be necessary to have further scans to look for residual tumour then consider the options.

My pal on the ward has been told that they couldn’t get all of his tumour out and that he will need radiotherapy within a few weeks. He has taken it really well and he’s a credit to the pituitary gang!

I have a really good feeling about my outcome and reassured by surgeons feedback i am hoping that I’ll be good to go pretty soon!

Albeit it’s been a relatively pain free experience, I’ve seen and heard some really sad things on this high dependancy ward.

All the staff do an amazing job and albeit some deliver care at different levels, I can’t fault any of them.

One particular Nurse M has stood out. She has consistently gone above and beyond with every patient. Clearly a vocation or calling for her. Really hope that recent changes to staffing levels and areas of responsibility don’t impact on her attention to patients care. She’s a credit to the NHS as are the other staff I’ve met!

It’s all to easy to complain about delays in prescribing meds etc but there are alarms are going off all the time and there’s one noise that gets the staff moving at lightning speeds! My advice being in the care of these people is to look at how busy everyone is generally and the variety of their workloads. Very much a case of all hands on deck!

Oh and I’ve just spent an hour with a third year med student researching pit tumours and acromegaly. Hope I gave her some interesting perspective.

The endocrine system is really interesting and I should have paid more attention at school!

That’s it for now. Time for a snooze ;)


  1. Thanks for posting Richard and so pleased all’s going well. Take it easy matey, early days! Your body needs plenty of rest! Best wishes n lots of love Val xx

  2. Wayhay! Great to hear your update. It’s all really good stuff!
    Earplugs help for a good sleep (my wife brought some in for me on the second night). I had some clear stuff coming down my nose too, but it wasn’t CSF fluid either.

    Regarding the PRL/GH thing…The ‘cheesy stuff’ it would seem was a ‘cosecreting’ one with Prolactin and Growth Hormone. The cells that produce prolactin and growth hormone are very closely related to each other genetically, so it’s easier for one to become like the other. It’s a bit like Ant & Dec. The good thing is that you have two markers to spot it – making it an easier target.

    Hope the daycurve gives really low GH results. Keep smiling, and tell us about the puddings your’e having!

    • Thanks for your message Kim :)

      Been having blood day curve tests throughout the day looking at the troublesome hormones. It’s a key test for any residual tumour. They will have these results tomos tea time n this will dictate any subsequent action. Fasting from tonight ready for insulin tolerance tests across 3 hrs in morning test what adrenal glands are doing. It’s a further acro test. All being well Friday should be out ;) positive thoughts etc. had headaches today n got blood line back in. Slept much better last night til 3am then up until now. Gonna see my mum, go on my own rounds around the ward, educate some medical students n have an early night ;) Take care, Rich x

  3. So pleased… knew you would come through ok….. sounds like the food is still fantastic from your blog….. oh the sponge puddings, i didnt want to come home lol…. take care mate and rest as much as possible xxx

  4. Hello Big Man, Have to admit i hadnt kept upto date with your blog but i have had a good catch up. Hope your recovering well and all is starting to feel better. Take care of yourself and when your all sorted we MUST MUST MUST sort this getting the gang together!

    • Thanks dude doing well. Defo up for a catch up anytime. Still in hospital n get results of operation tomorrow. Should have been tonight but they had delays. Cheers Mikey. Good luck with your current mission too!