Five days post pituitary surgery

Five days in and I’m home doing absolutely great. Had a few hours deep sleep when I got in and just had a fab feast of butties and pork pies! Nice ;)

Firstly, can I give a huge mention to all the staff at The Salford Royal Hospital who looked after me. Unbelievable care and I sincerely appreciate their efforts. Obviously, this also includes the fab theatre staff, recovery team and lastly my two super surgeons.

In terms of the results, my early bloods didn’t come back in as good as surgeons had hoped (albeit they were much improved) to facilitate long term remission but they and The Christie have literally jumped into action arranging additional MRI’s (which I had today) and further blood tests in 8 days. Thanks to both secretaries for Mr G (SRFT) + Prof T (The Christie) and Nurse M (The Christie)

So fingers crossed the blood levels will improve in the next week (perhaps just a timing issues) and I can move forward. Lets not think the worst though!

In terms of symptoms, i still have a leaky nose (it’s not a csf leak), dull aches in my head, no sense of smell nor taste and i get slightly dizzy.

All in all similar to how i felt post-op but sure this will improve. Oh and the leaky nipple seems to have mostly dried up too :) Amazing!

Honestly, I’m really just waiting for these physical things to settle down and then see how the hormone changes start to kick in. After all it’s the anterior pituitary gland that has been throwing open its doors, spitting out hormones and basically jumping into bed with the tumour! Well that’s how is see it :)

NB Note to pit gland……No prolactin thanks and much more testosterone please ;)

Right, that’s it for now but thanks to all the people that have been in touch. I have great family and friends #blessed!

Oh ……thanks to Aunty JB for my home made non floral display of sweets! No flowers were allowed on the ward and on entry when JB was stopped she explained that they were not flowers! Priceless and amazing. Literally, every nurse on shift came to see the display x



  1. Hi Richard
    I’m soooo glad to hear that you’re at home now – June has been keeping me up to date! See you next summer for the annual BBQ.
    love Sue xxx

  2. Hey Suey and gang! Thanks v much for the card and your message. I’ve come around really well and surprised myself XXX Look forward to seeing you guys at next bash!

  3. It’s Saturday morning and I can’t believe how much better i feel after a full nights sleep and some wifi therapy! I say therapy, i would have been lost without my phone in hospital and the 3g came in really useful in the wee hours.

    As is stands this morning, i have absolutely no pain in my head (no need for meds!) and the only medication i need to take is the daily HYDROCORTISONE. I take it three times a day in reducing doses! Basically, i need this steroid hormone to keep the body safe. It’s the facilitator for the fight or flight mechanism. Find out more about its importance and head over to the following page :)

  4. Roast Beef and a full bodied red (TBC) again soon when your sense of taste has returned adequately – but BIGGER PORTIONS ;-D
    Be good to yourself!
    Tony, Jo, Max, Ava, Anna, and Sophie. x

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