What was i saying?

Oh yes, so I’ve been free of medication for a couple of weeks now and it’s 2 weeks + 6 days until i have surgery.

However, this last 2-3 weeks I’ve noticed further changes in my motivation, concentration and memory. Been reading up and it seems that some people do experience this with pituitary tumours.

To explain it better some examples….

I get up in the morning with a cracking plan for the day and get excited about the day then within an hour or two those feelings to get things done just literally disappear. This might not sound too odd but for me I’ve always been a passionate and highly motivated guy. Never been one to leave things but more than often recently, I just lose all motivation to get things done. Bizarre.

In terms of concentration (or for me thinking clearly), I find that my mind is wandering quite often (+ more than ever). You know, I’m sat talking with someone and I drift off! Yes it can be hilarious. Honest Amy it’s a symptom! Just ask my girly Amy Kid :)

What else? What was I thinking of writing…………..oh yes and memory loss. This last two weeks I’ve noticed that my short-term memory seems to have (temporarily) deteriorated. It’s really strange but on the same note funny! At the weekend, I was out my girly at a do-do and I literally kept forgetting the name of a person I was talking to. Honest “Rich this is Paul, Karen’s partner” few mins…….”So Mike aren’t you a policeman? You look like a hippy.” Honest things like this seems to have increased slightly. Oh dear…

Now this all sounds weird but I’m told these “interferences” should sort themselves after my operation. I am enthused though as I recently had to do some psychometric test’s for a Company I fancied working with and the results were pretty similar to a test done a few years back so all is fine! I’m still hard work and don’t like rules :) Up your’s Esporta :)

Now on a different note, Channel four have teamed up with Cancer Research UK for the “Stand up to Cancer” campaign. It’s dead easy to donate text either “five” or “ten” to 70404