First appointment with the Surgeon

Hip hip hooray! I’ve been waiting for this day since my first appointment at The Royal Albert Edward Infirmary back in June! Don’t worry Dr T I haven’t forgotten you :)

So later today (tonight in fact) I’m seeing the Neurosurgeon and his team, Mr G, at The Salford Royal Hospital. Question… it too full on to bake him a cake?Umhhhhhh….

Mr G is the splendid chap with the nimble fingers that is going to be performing the Transsphenoidal Surgery to remove the pituitary adenoma from under my brain. Yes that dirty little sucker who’s been playing havoc is on his way out! My questions are when’s the operation dude, do your hands shake, will you be able to remove all the tumour, will it cure the Acromegaly and will you come to my mums for tea on Sunday?

If I’m honest with you, surgery is all I’ve really been able to think about this last few weeks/months. It feels as if I’ve wasted my summer wishing the time away between appointments.

More recently I’ve been on octreotide injections three times a day to keep the tumour and Acromegaly in check. This last few weeks or so the injections have been making my tummy sore and giving me a midline shift! Yes it is a side effect of these injections Amy!

Oh, i’m bloated all the time and my abdomen feels heavy. Even though I now inject in the fat on side of my legs i still get the sensation in my tummy.

Just a funny note here about giving myself injections when I’m out and about……Sometimes you never know where you are going to be and you are supposed to have the meds at the same time so I’ve been accustomed to jabbing on the go! Yes when I’m out in the car I find somewhere quiet drop the kecks and away we go! Reminds me of my time in the leisure sector and the lewd stories from less professional Managers like . . …. Ooh I nearly shamed a few there :) Save that for my book!

Well that’s it for now. I’ll let you know how I get on later tonight or tomorrow.



    • Thanks Andrea. It’s about time I had some good luck for a change :) Glad about your acro remission too. I just seem to be getting more achy this last few weeks. Knee pain is excruciating when I stay still. Will let you know how I get on with Mr G ;) x

    • Thanks hun. Fab appointment with surgeon and only just got home as we went taste of bengali in standish. Basically the surgeon was great told me everything, stopped my meds with immediate effect to let the tumour loosen up and my pre op will happen ASAP with surgery in approx 4 wks. Could be sooner or later as he needs
      be free upto 1 wk after surgery for any complcations and to re-operate if bits are left etc. all positive and much happier :) Thanks for getting in touch! Hope all is well with your gang x