A right Royal experience at The Salford Royal

So here I am having pre-surgery scans at Salford Royal and I’ve literally been blown away by my experience! More details to follow ……..

Basically all went to plan in the fabulous Royal Hospital and the service I received from Dave in the Radiology1 department was first rate.

I had a ct scan with contrast injection followed by two mri’s then a further MRI with contrast. Didn’t get to see any imagery :( but these are all for seeing the surgeon next week.

So how am I in general? Well to be honest still tired a lot of the time but feeling much better than I did a few weeks ago. Don’t have the dizzy spells nor confusion which I think was the cabergoline!

I’m still on injections three times a day and due to bruising around tummy and midline shift i now do into fat on alternative legs.

All in all doing fine and thankful for the treatment that I’m getting both at home and in various hospitals :)

As i keep reminding myself, there’s always someone not very far away that’s much worse off. A lot to be thankful for!