Not such a great back seat driver

Yes it’s true, I’ve always rather enjoyed being the driver as opposed to being in the back seat. Suppose it’s something to do with those years’ as  Manager :)

Right….. good news I’ve had contact with the Surgeon’s secretary at Salford Hope Hospital.

Well after a few more weeks had passed since I last spoke to her I decided to call her. So happy that I did as she said there was a letter waiting to be signed by the surgeon with details contained of my initial appointment with him and this will be on 13th September 2012.

Apparently, before this appointment (which will clearly break up the waiting time) I will get a separate letter to go in to have some further brain imaging done. This imaging is what Mr G will use to determine his priority of surgery and secondly what he works from during surgery. No doubt it’s in much better detail than the MRI that I had done. Oh and I am also having my echo-cardiogram on 28th August too!

For those of you that I’ve (probably) been driving daft it was on 4th July 2012 that the Professor advised that I was being sent to Mr G for surgery. It’s since this time that I started treatment for the tumour (Cabergoline) but also where my anxiety literally went through the roof!

I really do understand and respect that there are other more serious and deserving patients out there but from where I have been sitting the process could have been improved massively by better communication and that’s all I am going to say on that :) They are all fab people doing fantastic jobs and if any of them are reading this please don’t underestimate my appreciation ;)

Oh and I still haven’t heard back from the blood test results from last Friday so as/when I will update accordingly.

Have a fab weekend people! Richard