Much more than a buttie bag

Ok so its been a week or more since my last post so here’s an update.

Last week i stopped taking Cabergoline and started on daily injections of Octreotide. For the first week it was 25ml just twice a day but now ive stepped up a gear and i’m having three 25ml injections a day.

Any side effects from coming off Cabergoline? Well it’s only been a week since my last dose and so far all i’ve noticed is less of a sicky feeling, my head isn’t as fuzzy and a slight rash under my eyes. Oh and no nipple discharge as yet but i’m only tweaking once a week for luck ;)

What about the injections? Well the first few injection i gave myself was at The Christie and it was fine. However, the next day and on my own i found it a bit harder. Psychologically it didn’t feel at all right jabbing myself and it brought it home that i needed to take care of myself.

For the first few days of injecting into my tummy tum tum it stung a little and then for an hour or more I would get bloated and have tummy ache. A few days in it also started making me go to the toilet and as Nurse M advised the baby poop arrived! No need to talk any more about that though.

This last few days things have settled down somewhat and i havent really noticed anything other with the extra injection. My tummy is slightly swollen and i do get small bruises at the injection site but if its doing its business on the tumour and hormone secretion then I can live with that for now!

The biggest issue i currently have is taking my injection gear out with me. The drug has to be kept chilled until 20mins before i take it so hence i bought a cracking little lunch coolbox but i keep forgetting it and that’s got me mad! Feels slightly odd leaving the house in the rain with a summer coolbag under my arm but hey ho there’s a buttie in there too so no worries.

What else is there………..oh yes on Tuesday this week i went over to Wythenshawe Hospital to have an Echocardiogram on my heart.

I went along to the Cardiac Centre with my sister and mum who wanted a nosy and a free lunch! It’s a really great facility with nice staff and it was spotless! All three of us went into the room with the Cardiac Physiologist and i have to say that the lady was absolutely fabulous! She explained why i was having the scan (possible side effect of cabergoline) and what she would be doing. She was happy for my two girlies to view the images and even answered questions all the way through.

It was really quite fascinating and we looked at  the heart, chambers, valves and blood flow. At the end of it she advised that in her opinion and taking into account my sex, age and height my heart was really quite gorgeous! Honest that’s what she said :) Well i’m sure she did followed by all looks fine which was great.

After this we went along to the Metropolitan in Didsbury and had lunch. Compliments of my mute sister who can’t talk following surgery on her throat! What a bunch we are :) Glad to report that we (Mum, Sister and me) are closer now than we have ever been. So lucky to have great family with the exception of one person! We always were the three musketeers only now there’s four including my girly Amzby.

Now that i’ve mentioned the three of us being close feel free to take a look through some old family vidoes taken at Sicklefield in Wigan and see if you can spot me……(look closely from 10m35secs as i help push the pram for cousin Lizzie ;)

That’s about it for now! Where I go my buttie box goes with me.

On a final point, I’ve recently been asked to be a Godparent to my cousin’s little boy Elliot-Peter and i literally can’t wait. Sadly i missed other little ones growing up with work etc but this appointment comes with responsibility + a free lunch two weeks on sunday! Really am made up by their choice! Thanks to Ali, Peter and baby Elliot-Peter x