Moody blues…

Let me start by saying hello and wishing you a happy Monday!

By my recollection I’ve been taking Cabergoline for nearly a month now and most recently i’ve noticed my body reacting to the drug in various weird and wonderful ways. Here goes, I’m going to list them:

  • I take half a tablet twice a week with half Monday then another half on Thursday. I find that the first 24hours are the strangest! Three hours in i find my thoughts starting to get fuzzy and i find myself staring at things. This tends to get worse during the first 24 hours and eases off gradually towards the next dose. However, saying that last thursday night i was really quite rough at 6pm with a heavy feeling above my noise/forehead and really sleepy. I went to sleep for two hours and woke up fresh as a daisy. Proof of this being that I did a few hours work, had some cracking creative ideas for some clients and went to bed happy. I must have sent my cousin Lee about 6 emails during the “up time” so apologies in advance Lee. Sure it all made sense :)
  • Generally the first and second nights after taking a dose I do have loads of odd dreams that jump from one thing to another. Most of them are actual life events that i am reliving but the outcomes are different and i end up thinking about the endings the next day. Nothing at all scary just odd :)
  • Most of the time I get really tired the day before my next dose is due but it’s not too bad as i just have a 20 min power nap and it’s really like rebooting a pc. Generally works and i end up feeling better.
  • My moods are now even more closely linked to external stimuli. Whereas before i could control how i reacted to situations with ease most recently i have struggled with this and experienced some extremes of emotion. Nothing too mad just happy, sad or angry. The latter isn’t too bad so other than life’s day-to-day nuisances I’m generally A-OK :)

At this point you are probably thinking that i’ve gone bananas but honestly this time it’s not me :) Take a read of this blog and all the comments that relate to Cabergoline.