Feeling kind of fine

How are you today? Well I’m feeling 150% better and this seems to have happened within the last 12-24 hours, since i went running and took my most recent dose of cabergoline.  This is quite unusual and completely the opposite to what i have been experiencing these last 4-5 weeks.

My last post was only on Monday and i was feeling rotten but the change from then to last night and today is remarkable. It’s really odd but more of the same please! Yesterday I went out for an hour run and i can tell you it was a fight to get out! Usual lack of energy and motivation but i pushed myself to get out around Haigh Hall in Wigan with Joshlad towing up front :)

Slight deviation off subject here>>>>In the last week my old Wrestling Coach Roy Wood from Aspull Wrestling Club was at the Olympics with Olympian Maria Dunn from Guam whom he has been training for the last twelve months. Sadly she lost her first match and didn’t get a medal put all the same she is an Olympian! Anyway, Roy has some fabulous footage of himself as a young man wrestling at Riley’s Gym in Wigan under the legendary coach Billy Riley and whilst wrestling Billy says to Roy “Put some gusto into it.” I am only mentioning this as i now use this as my mental reinforcement to overcome my loss of motivation to exercise!

Getting back down to it, right now my head and sensations all feel completely normal and i don’t even feel tired at all. Later this morning I have an appointment at The Christie with the Professor and i am looking forward to sharing this update with him.

What gets me thinking is that after taking a dose of cabergoline, i generally feeling really odd and poorly but yesterday since taking the tablet at 3pm i feel quite fantastic! I went running then had the tablet with a sandwich when i got in and from there it’s been REALLY positive. I even made a nice meal for my girly and she commented that i had loads of energy. My girly by the way, Amy (as others too), has been FANTASTIC and i am very lucky to have her! It subtly reminds me what a fool i was back in the day but that’s behind me :)

So the question is why the sudden change in symptoms and why such positive impact of yesterdays dose of cabergoline? Did the running release endorphins and dopamine? I have been back exercising for a few weeks now and this hasn’t happened before?

As i read on a website for EXERCISE AND MOOD it is clear that there is a link!

As you know i have a prolactin secreting tumour and as i understand it and thanks to Wikipedia “Dopamine regulates prolactin secretion – Dopamine is the primary neuroendocrine inhibitor of the secretion of prolactin from the anterior pituitary gland.[23] Dopamine produced by neurons in the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus is secreted into the hypothalamo-hypophysial blood vessels of the median eminence, which supply the pituitary gland. The lactotrope cells that produce prolactin, in the absence of dopamine, secrete prolactin continuously; dopamine inhibits this secretion. Thus, in the context of regulating prolactin secretion, dopamine is occasionally called prolactin-inhibiting factor (PIF), prolactin-inhibiting hormone (PIH), or prolactostatin.” Wowzers!

So it would appear that the pituitary function may be returning and prolactin levels may have reduced. On the subject of prolactin, i read an interesting forum thread the other day on Daily Strength about prolactin. Have a read as it explains the effect of prolactin on the male body! Perhaps the tumour has reduced in size and the pituitary gland is peeping out under the tumour. Fingers crossed that the pit gland has got back into working :) Anyway for today it’s all good and let’s see if it keeps up.

Thanks for reading.

Oh….as a footnote I have failed to mention the effects of Serotonin and Epinephrine which are the two other main neurochemicals in the brain that affect mood! Perhaps the Prof will enlighten me today.


  1. That’s good news.

    I did find that the side effects of cabergoline stopped being an issue after a few weeks. I feel a bit weird for half an hour or so after taking a tablet (well, half a tablet) and then I’m fine. I am currently on half your dose though (0.25mg a week).

    • Thanks for commenting. Just had a fab appointment with one of the docs at Christies. Had further bloods and waiting for the prolactin to come straight back up. I have a feeling that the cabergoline is doing its business and that normal pit function is returning. Will let you know :)

  2. Hi Richard,
    Great to read that you are feeling better, and that you’ve had a good appointment at The Christie today.

    It may be worth checking that when you feel better and in an elevated mood that it’s not getting into the realms of ‘hypomania’, brought on by Cabergoline (as your cortisol goes up). This is especially the case if you feel that your level of creativity is dramatically more enhanced than it usually is, and feeling really “wow!”. If that is the case, it would be worth contacting the Christie again.


    • Thanks for your comment Trys. Apologies for the delay in responding – i went to my second job at 2pm and only finished at 1am this morning. Completely take on board what you are saying. I think that it’s more of a case of generally feeling much better other than any extremes etc. Prof was a little surprised that i hadn’t heard back from Mr G yet and that’s despite me chasing but he told me not to worry as the cabergoline is doing its business. They took all bloods again and will call me next week to see where everything is it. Of particular interest is the prolactin and IGF1 i think. Again today feeling really well and been running again. Thirty mins run at an average of 155bpm, then 5 mins walking down to 120bpm then another 20 min run home averaging 155bpm. Lost a few extra lbs this last two weeks too which is also making me happier :) How are things with you? Take care, Rich