The power of music

Ok so in a previous life I ran corporate nightclubs for a living.

As a General Manager of large late night establishments, I saw the very best (and worst) of towns and cities across the North West of the UK + Yorkshire.

It’s funny that one of the things that helped with the diagnosis of my little friend upstairs was that listening to the sounds from clubs i once ran didn’t have the same euphoric effect on me! I knew something wasn’t right when huge tracks didn’t have the same impact. Odd but true all the same.

So a little lesson here if you too find that your passions from days gone by suddenly lose their wow factor get yourself checked out ;) (hidden message there too).

Anyway, I’ve just carried out a little experiment………. Sat down in a darkened room and played the following DJ set from Scott Page and Harry Hard. Albeit, I don’t have the energy to jump and shout it does feel rather good. After my operation I promise to play this same dj set, video the impact and upload it :)

Please do conduct your own test….. crank up the volume and let this sucker play.

Hold your head up!


  1. That’s really weird. Is it because you’re generally knackered and not engaging with stuff do you think?

    There’s plenty I can’t be bothered to do at the moment, but I play in a band, go out to gigs and listen to a lot of music. I don’t think that my emotional connection to music or my enthusiasm for it has gone away.

    Glad your mojo’s finding its way back!