My mum’s always got cake

It’s a few days before my birthday and I’m still waiting on a date for the removal of the little sucker upstairs!

Have I mentioned that my family and friends are being absolutely fantastic about my condition? Well with the exception of one person, everyone has been fantastic so thanks to all. Amy (my chickiedoodledee) has just booked us a two night break in a little place called Troutbeck in the Lake District and my mum (whilst recovering from bi lateral carpal tunnel) is buying more cake than ever :)

Here lies a problem……….i am eating far too much cake and the 4 stone i shed in 2008/2009 has started to creep back on. Up until three months ago, i was a keen runner and would regularly head out 3-4 times a week doing about 6 miles each time. I’d also try to get to the gym at least twice a week.

However, as my energy levels fell through the floor i haven’t done any strenuous exercise for about three months. Last night i dusted off the scales and hopped on……oh boy!

I’ve really added some junk to my trunk and shot up to just over 21 stone with a BMI of 33. This is the heaviest i have been since May 2009! The adjacent picture (click for full size) shows my weight going back to January 2009. It would be easy to blame the gain on my condition but honestly the key factor is a lack of exercise and comfort eating. Yes it’s nice to have treats but this is getting out of hand (just like my father and i sorted that!) so i’m going to get this sorted too. Oh and in terms of this extra weight it’s all on my tummy tum tum :)

The time for action is NOW and despite the pain in my left knee (which has got worse this last few months and i think with the acro) and still having no energy (really low testosterone), I am just about to attempt a 30 minute trot to the canal near Haigh Hall in Wigan.

I will let you know how i get on…

Well I did it and it was fine. To be honest I had a flood of emotions half way which was bizarre but also refreshing too. A lot of pent up things needed to come out :)

I’m off to the lakes tomorrow for two days and definitely taking my asics with me!


  1. Well have a fantastic time both of you in the lakes. Hope you get a date soon from Mr G…… Weight issues, tell me about them, I lost loads post op but now Im back to same weight as before. Take care

    • Thanks. It’s funny how this time yesterday I was wiped out and today I’m quite literally the opposite. Every day seems to be different :) Minute I got back in mum offered me cake :)