Great educational presentations on Endocrine system

Waiting on news from The Christie about my forthcoming operation (chased this morning with Prof’s lovely secretary who is chasing Salford Hope for me) has given me more time to research the endocrine system and familiarise myself with the basics of the pituitary gland which is also known as the master gland. I do have a cracking book but you can’t beat videos too!

Browsing YouTube i found some cracking videos from a gent called Aaron Mullally who is a medical lecturer in the USA.

“I am just an average Midwestern guy spreading some knowledge about the human body. I received my B.A. from the University of Wisconsin Superior and my M.A. from the College of St Scholastica. Right now I currently teach at Rasmussen College in Brooklyn Park, MN. The classes I teach are: anatomy & physiology, pathophysiology, medical terminology, medical law & ethics, kinesiology. I started making these videos as supplements to the classroom a few months ago and have many more to make. In my spare time I play table tennis for the St Adalberts Table Tennis Club (SATTC) and also for the Duluth Table Tennis Club (DTTC). I also like to run, bike, swim, cook and read Stephen King novels when I get a chance.” Extract from his profile on

Anyway, here are three of my favourite Aaron Mullally videos. Hope you find them interesting: