Do you know anyone with Gigantism?

Just had a nice email from a lady called Kristina from Catersnews. Please see the below, can you help her?

From :
Subject : Gigantism
Message Body : Hi Dicky,

My name is Kristina and I’m a features writer for a company called Caters News. I write features for women’s magazines in the UK.

Can I just say how great and informative your blog is, it’s so interesting!

The reason I’m contacting you is because I’m really interested in Gigantism, and would love to do a piece with somewhere to raise a bit of awareness about the condition.

I was wondering if you might know of a young woman, or the parents of a child, who has gignatism that you could put me in touch with. My number is 07771693675 and email is I’d really appreciate it if you could pass this message on.

Also just as a side not – it’s great to see that you have included a page about The Christie. I did some fundraising for them when I was at university – such a great charity.





    • Haha, i dont have that i have acromegaly which happened after puberty when the long bones had fused! – dont you know :) yes that’s me back and centre with a naff centre parting :)