Christies call over low cortisol

Ok so it’s late Friday afternoon and I’ve just had a call from Christies to say that following the blood tests taken earlier in the week my cortisol levels were extremely low and out of range.

Nurse S said that Prof wants me back in at 8am this coming Tuesday for an insulin tolerance/stress test to investigate cortisol further as such a low cortisol can be dangerous.

She asked how I had been feeling and I mentioned yesterday’s forgetfulness which she is going to pass to Prof.

Basically, yesterday afternoon I was forgetting simple things from moments earlier. Really quite bizarre.

At the same time they are also going to do some cardio tests on Tuesday. Stupidly I forgot to ask which ones.

Will update you in the next few days.

Really hope that this cortisol and memory issues are just minor blips. Time to research cortisol …..

Well it’s very early Tuesday morning and this overnight fasting really doesn’t agree with me. I dreamt of food, I can smell toast and am already wondering about what the hospital will give me for lunch :)

Trystan told me that today’s insulin test is like having a few pints so no doubt I’ll be craving for pizza before the morning is out. Will let you know how I get on.


  1. Richard,

    It’s likely that the high levels of PRL and GH are pushing down your ACTH (which is the magic stuff that gets the cortisol made in your adrenal gland). It’s like a see-saw. Up a load go, down another load go.

    I wonder if your knee will improve too if your cortisol levels go back up (random thought).

    The insulin stress test is absolutely fascinating. It gave me a real appreciation of how brilliant the human body is. If you treat it like having a few pints then you’ll enjoy it (and you sober up straight away too).

    Another test is the “postural drop” where your blood pressure is taken sat down or lying down, then you get up suddenly and your blood pressure is taken whilst standing. If your blood pressure goes low when standing then it shows that the cortisol is not keeping up.

    Good luck tomorrow, we’ll be thinking of you.