Catch up with Endocrinologist at Wigan Infirmary

Today i was back to see Dr T the Endocrinologist at Wigan Infirmary.

After a 55minute wait to see him it was basically a catch up to see how things had progressed with Prof T, a chance to get my signed authority for the release of my MRI imagery to me personally (which has cost £10 and i should have a disk in the next week) and get the results of the sugar tolerance test which still aren’t back in.

All in all a relaxed and positive appointment apart from the remark about my hands. Yes he commented that in line with my jaw my hands are also extremely large too :(

Yet again with a cheeky smile I informed the Dr that they were in proportion with my wrists, arms and shoulders.

Anyway see what you think. Here are pictures of my jazzy hands alongside a 30 cm ruler :)







  1. He probably said it was large because it had an “L” on it. Next time write an “S” on it and he’ll think it’s a small hand. Simples!