That OTHER symptom

Ok so the antibiotics cleared up my sinus issues but still feeling odd i thought it time to go back to my GP Dr C. Now it may sound odd but i had lived with this nipple discharge for 14 yrs but it never bothered me and i just never linked it with anything else (how stupid can i be). You wouldn’t notice it and I only see it if i get a nipple twister :) whereby one or two drops of an oily substance comes out! God knows how/when i found it :)

Once i told Dr C they sent me for some blood tests and within a week we knew that all the basic tests were fine with the exception of prolactin levels. It was just over 2000mU/L.

With these results the doctor referred me to Dr T an Endocrinologist at Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan. This was a lovely chap who got straight down to business in giving me some brutal feedback and sent me for further blood tests.