Results of first MRI scan

Today i went to the RAEI to get my MRI results from Dr T.

Special mention for Amy my girlfirend who again provided well needed support and for Dr T who as usual was quick to give me an appointment when other Doctors were striking.

Dr T started off by confirming that the MRI scan’s showed a 12-14mm macroadonema on the pituitary gland which is at the base of the brain.

The scan’showed it as a sort of squashed circle around the gland which spiked up over to the right but away from the optic nerve which he had mentioned weeks earlier. He said that he still didn’t have the growth hormone test results back in but he suspected that i had the tumour alongside the condition known as Acromegaly.

Dr T was really great and delivered the news in an appropriate manner.

He went on to tell me that he would refer me to Professor T from Christies in Manchester and that he would do this quiet quickly.

In addition he said that he would also arrange for a Glucose tolerance test at the Planned Investigation Unit within the next few days and that this was a stress test to see how my body responded to physical stress but researching this further i read that it was also a typical acromegaly test.


  1. Dear Richard,

    Sorry to hear that you have developed a pituitary tumour.Will they be able to operate or not?

    Was diagnosed with a brain tumour myself seven years ago (meningioma on cerebral cortex – pressing on balance region of my cerebellum) – said I must have had it years and years (probably true of you too). Said because it was right next to a large vein they were reluctant to treat it or remove it but would do so if I wanted. I weighed up the pros and cons and for me anyway decided not to have it removed/treated. So here I am seven years on – still got a marble in my brain – but then everyone always thought I had several in there!

    Don’t worry too much I think yours is probably treatable. There are probably several differrent options for you. Good luck. Hope all goes well.

    All the Best,

    Mrs D x

    • Thanks for your message Mrs D.

      I was really sad to read about what you have been through and yet overwhelmed with your positivity and they way you are so obviously handling it. I’ve said a few words to them upstairs :) Didn’t get a reply but it usually takes a day or two to hear back. I will also follow up in my to-do list!

      Luckily for me it’s all treatable and i’m just waiting on this flipping referral to a Professor at Christies. My endocrinologist said that he isn’t an expert at reading MRI’s but that my tumour is about 14mm across and doesn’t appear to have invaded anything else albeit he isn’t an expert *t&c’s apply :)

      My biggest concern is that my jaw has grown over the last year or two and stupidly i have missed it and no one has noticed :( Even my dentists with routine x-rays have always just said that my bite had got worse whereas it was an opportunity to diagnose before my good looks were affected :) It’s quite possible that the soft tissue around my baby face has hidden the growth.

      Fingers crossed that the acromegaly does one after the surgery to remove the tumour and that my hands and feet don’t start growing in line with my jaw. Mum says that i’ll be ok though as there is talk of a new bond film and they are looking for a new jaws. Really great comfort and i have to laugh.

      Thanks again for getting in touch and have a lovely weekend x