Referral to Christies

I am literally happier than ever today as i’ve just got off the phone from Christies endocrinology unit and i am booked in to see The Professor this coming Tuesday 3rd July 2012.

It’s been a week since my diognosis and having not heard anything my sister prompted me to call them. Am i glad i did.

Funny how something as little as an appointment can make you feel better so thanks Rach :) :)

On a separate note, i’ve been thinking a lot these last few days about my jaw growth and trying to pinpoint when things changed so much. If you fancy a peak here’s a slideshow of images from 1998 to present day (with poor commentary) showing my facial features.

Excuse the present day pickies at end as they look pretty bad and you’ll probably ask how i didn’t noticed the massive change in my jaw. There are also some daft ones in there too so please feel free to rip me :)


On a similar subject and to really show my current jaw situation here’s another video.