Planned investigations with little old lady

I attended the investigation unit at RAEI this morning.

The tests lasted just under three hours and i think they took about 4 sets of blood via cannula. The staff were all great and apart from being told off for reading my own medical notes it was a positive experience :)

A little mention for the old lady i sat next two for two hours. She was 70+ years old, living in sheltered accommodation, had three children but seemed to live on her own with little interaction from the outside world.

Really felt a little sad for her but she was clearly a strong lady. She was deaf and shouted a lot but we had a giggle. I even got told off for getting up to go get her a paper! Funny how i was the only one to really try and engage with her. Think it was somthing to do with the way i was brought up and grandparents influence shining through :)

Oh and when the tests were over i went to find amy who had gone on a mad wander looking for food. Amy went back into the investigation unit whilst i was looking for her on the car park and the old lady shouted up “he’s gone home love!” We all found it amusing :)