My Acromegaly and the symptoms

I’m currently waiting for the referral to Christies in Manchester and albeit it’s only been a few days since my diagnosis of the tumour there are a few things that are literally driving me round the bend. Would you mind if i shared these with you? Thanks awfully :)

Firstly, i have been reading up on Acromegaly and finding some great sites such as The Acromegaly Community. In doing so the thing that jumps right out at me is that in the last few years my jaw and specifically my bite has got steadily worse. I have both and underbite and a crossbite – if that is possible.

Up until 2005 i was under the same NHS dentist/practise that i had been with since i was about 5 yrs old and i then stayed with that same practise right up until they went private having regular check ups. Ever since i can remember there were always comments made by the two dentists about my changing bite yet none of them ever thought to refer my jaw movement, growth or  prognathism to a specialist. How bizarre? Partner this change with me being 6ft7 and i would have thought that they could have put the pieces of the jigsaw together…

Fair to say that i have always been conscious about my strong jawline but in the last few days i have been looking back at photos and videos. I can see noticeable changes in my jaw over the last 5 years and during which time i have had a few sets of routine xrays taken at the dentists.

I suppose i’m really just at the point where i am trying to blame someone when i actual fact i should have spent more time looking in the mirror like my sister :)

Whilst i’m taking some time to clear my head I dont mind admitting that after spending an hour or two looking at pictures i’ve got quite depressed and probably more focused on the change in my appearance as opposed to the tumour at the base of the brain! I am actually ashamed to admit it but there you go i am shallow :(

In terms of the other symptoms of Acromegaly, i am still waiting on the additional growth hormone test results but knowing that the first batch was high Dr T has already prepared me for further bad news.

Saying that though i must have some luck as i don’t have any other of  the publicised symptoms of acromegaly. Yes i’m 6ft 7 but my hands and feet haven’t grown recently and i have the pencil outlines to prove it :)

Anyway, after getting so down tonight I thought the best way to pick myself up was to share my post-diagnosis experiences via YouTube so feel free to look at my first instalment. Please excuse the wandering eyes and nervousness as it still feels like I am talking about someone else. If I told you that I recorded this video four times would you please try not to laugh.



  1. Richard I’ve just read your blog and watched your video. The thing I was most interested in was your voice!! I don’t remember you sounding that posh!!! You look like the same Richard I knew all those years ago xx

    • Haha i always had plums in my mouth but i wanted to sound lancashirey (if thats a word) as it was meant to be cool :) How wrong i was. Had a nice message of Mike and Davo. Funny how you dont see people for years and years and yet they stay in your thoughts. All of a sudden it’s like it was yesterday.

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