First MRI Scan

I was really quite impressed with how quick my MRI was made so special thanks to Dr T at the Endocrinology unit at Thomas Linacre Centre in Wigan.

All the paperwork came through and it was arranged for today 19th June 2012. I read all the information and admittedly started to worry about this possible tumour in my head and all the what if’s were driving me mad.

The night before my MRI i had an early night and my girlfriend stayed over. We had a nice evening but i struggled thinking about anything else.

Didn’t sleep well and awoke with a really sick feeling in my stomach. Amy (my girlfriend) was a masssive help and she had planned to go to work and my mum (Christine) would take me. Got to the hospital 30mins early and had a brew with my mum. Think i managed to snap a few times so apologies for that mum but all the same i had some really odd thoughts going through my mind.

I was trying to keep calm but all i could think of was my cousin who sadly passed away a few years earlier following a battle with a brain tumour. May well of been my hormones but i just kept thinking about what Jenny had gone through and how badly i was doing coping with possible bad news. Pathetic i agree but that’s what happened.

The MRI staff at RAEI were really friendly and welcoming and within a few seconds i was at ease. Mum was clearly worried too but didnt show it. Then i was taken through to the unit and went through all the questions about metal objects and piercings. I mentioned albert and the nurse laughed!

The best was yet to come! Getting onto the scanner bed the nurse told me what would happen and warned me that the scanner was noisy but not to let it alarm me. Before i knew it the scan was done and i was about to leave…

Here’s a video of the procedure. For me the noise was the scariest part but they do give you earplugs. Shame I couldn’t take mine home :)

Came out of the unit and surprised to see that amy had turned up and was sitting with my mum. To be honest albeit all was ok i was choked that she had had come down! Made me really happy and we all went off for bacon butties as a treat. In actual fact i read on Trystan’s Acomegaly diary that he treated himself after appointments so we had done just that and it worked!

To anyone reading this and ever having to have an MRI there is nothing to be worried about and once it’s done you will probably feel much better. I did and i think it was the thought that i was on the road to enlightenment that made me happier :)


    • Thanks hun :) I did think about you yesterday. Key thing is that it’s treatable and that we have got to the bottom of things. HUGELY lucky that it wasn’t anything more serious. Will defo get in touch. Can you email me your number for a giggle?