It doesn’t cost much to keep in touch

Today i’m not going to post about my illness or symtoms and save this one just to thank a few old school friends for getting in touch today namely Mike, Davo and Ali. We were all at Scarisbrick Hall School in Southport together and we really had fun :)

Ali has had much more than her fair share of health troubles and i was touched that my small issue prompted her to get in touch.

Also a mention today for Wayne Brown from The Acromegaly Community based in New York. I dropped him an email to compliment his community website and thank him for the all the quality information i found whilst browsing.

For anyone around the world diagnosed with Acromegaly Wayne Brown’s website is well worth a click. They also have a great fan page on Facebook

Lastly this post has taken me nearly an hour to complete as just after starting typing i heard some odd noises coming from across the garden….turns out Mum’s horse Eric appeared to have been stung by a bee and was charging around the field trying to escape!

Eric is a horse

Shortly after getting stung by a bee or wasp

Always looking for danger, i jumped into my size 15 hunter wellies ( i’ve been 15 in wellies since i was 18 ) got into the field and calmed things down. Here’s a pickie of him all sweatted up but none the worse for his ordeal :)



  1. Light blue MR2 up and down your Mums Driveway! So much fun when we were younger! My first pie sandwich in Wigan…nothing to regret matey except for the disasterous Acid hoodies we wore at one time and the amount of Brill Cream we used!

    • I’d forgotten my driving :) Absolutely no regrets. Funnily enough i came across my old casette tapes the other day from wigan pier. Think i took tapes into school when i should have been taking in the homework. All grown up now but would love a second chance at Scarisbrick :)

  2. Richard – somehow I’ve missed this post til now!! It does cost nothing to keep in touch – you’re right. We all just want to wish you well xx

    • Thanks again Ali. Feeling a bit rough today.Got this odd head feeling and no energy so chilling at mums house. She has better views, bigger couch, sky and the dog is great for bringing a smile or two! Mustn’t grumble :)