Blood test results coming in

Today i went back to see Dr T the Endocrinologist at Thomas Linacre centre in Wigan.

He immediately tells me that the results thus far point to a pituitary tumour as the Prolactin levels are again in excess of where they should be and Testosterone levels are really low.

As if that wasn’t enough he also again commented about my jaw, hands and feet saying that there were unusually big. He said it was the first thing he noticed when i came into the room.

Again it was meant with the best possible intentions but really grounded me to the extent that it started to worry me more than a tumour. Now is this a society thing or just vanity?

Dr T said he was sure that there would be a tumour and that he would send me for an MRI at Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan.

He did this quite quickly as literally a day or two later my appointment came for the MRI scan on Tuesday 19th June 2012.



  1. Richard,

    I had elevated Prolactin in addition to the Growth Hormone too, and again my Testosterone levels were low.

    Generally, as you have a “high” level of a set of hormones it will drive “low” the rest. The high prolactin will be driving low your TSH and FSH or altering the balance of them which is affecting the tesosterone. Having said that, you probably won’t be noticing having low tesosterone levels anyhow. ;)

    The positive from this (yeah!) is that as you likely have a co-secreting pituitary adenoma then there are two markers that they can look for Prolactin (PRL) and Growth Hormone (GH) in your aftercare once you have your op. The additional markers means more information which is always pretty handy. It also means that really basic drugs like Cabergoline (which are just tablets) can be used for the prolactin secreting part.