Feeling funny (more than normal)

Down to business…….I am 34 years old and within the last few months i have been feeling ill. Tired, fuzzy head and generally lacking in energy.

It’s me DickyMoo

Suppose the biggest thing was suddenly losing interest and motivation to go running. Yes this may sound bizarre but this was the first real warning sign. Funny or what?

Anyway i went to my GP in Wigan, Dr C, and was diagnosed with sinusitis. After a month of antibiotics the sinus issue improved but still didn’t feel myself. Doctor mentioned stress, depression or something else. I was like as if….have you met my father! Oh yes they have :)

There was something else which i was too embarrassed to mention. Stupidly i held back mentioning this “other symptom!”

Even though i didn’t mention that day, i can tell you here that this other symptom was a discharge from both nipples. No i dont have moobs but I have had this since i was about 20 and in all honesty cant remember how i ever noticed it back then.When i say discharge it is like a white coloured oily fluid and we are only talking a few small drops but it’s still a discharge.